Good numbers

All my various readings at the doctor’s were good. Heart’s good, liver’s good, I am a paragon of health. He also congratulated me on my weight loss and was interested in the primal diet, of which he seems to approve. I wasn’t expecting that from a vegetarian. But as we discussed during the examination, I eat LOTS of vegetables. I probably eat more vegetables than many vegetarians, because they’re not being displaced by grains.

I had a bit of a celebration after getting all my various appointments done yesterday: a beer (Fosters) and some Jelly Bellies. Quite the blowout! I totally have a headache this morning.

I’ve got to get in some exercise today, since I had none Tuesday or Thursday. Not sure what I’ll do, but no doubt I will write about it tomorrow.

This is interesting: cooked food provides more energy than raw. So for the WLers among us, subbing raw for cooked might be an easy way to change your calorie intake.

“Shit so-and-so Says” – I mostly find these to be puerile to the point of stupidity, and too offensive to be humorous. But this one made me laugh:

One thought on “Good numbers

  1. Made me laugh, too.

    So glad the doc’s appt went well. I know you don’t need a green light from a medical professional to continue your primal plan, but it’s nice to know he was interested and didn’t discourage you. Can’t argue with your results!

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