okay, okay, I’m getting up already

The only thing that’s motivating me today is that blank calendar page. Thank goodness something can guilt me into getting some exercise.

So either a HIIT or some Nikect, to be decided after I digest lunch.

I did a lot of cooking Friday; there were meat sales so I cooked two whole chickens and a big-ass pork roast. A whole roasted chicken is my favorite way to prepare it; it has so much more flavor than when it’s cut up into parts. I made one with standard seasoning like rosemary, thyme, parsley, etc., and the other with a blend of cumin, ginger, garam masala, and paprika. That one I broke up after cooking and put in the freezer for one of those days I don’t feel like cooking. Today I overcooked some cauliflower pretty badly, so I’m going to make that into some sort of coconut-ginger-cauliflower soup. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The dinner on Saturday was fabulous. Asparagus, avocado, and potato soup. Braised beef tongue on fresh-made pasta. Cumin-dusted scallops on polenta cake. Cheese and honey crepe with strawberries. I’m not even listing all the ingredients and seasonings because the food porn will kill you! Naturally it was far outside the paleo diet, but I will be happy to make an exception for a special meal like that.

Sunday I didn’t eat dinner at all. Remember I told you it’s much easier for me to skip dinner than breakfast? I actually kind of forgot to eat. Hrodebert and I got started playing drums and drinking wine, and the next thing I knew it was 10:00 and I flopped down in bed and fell instantly asleep. Oops, forgot dinner. I’m not sure drinking wine is a good substitute for a meal🙂, but still.

I came across this really excellent post via Krista’s excellent post, Paleo women are phat. I wish I had said all those things, but there’s no way I would be so articulate and gracious, so it’s just as well she did it instead of me.

You know I really like the primal/paleo lifestyle, and have benefitted enormously from the changes I’ve made. But just like anywhere else, women are held to a standard of beauty that is as all-encompassing as it is unrealistic. This article* addresses one particular aspect: that normal, healthy women are naturally fatter than men, i.e., they have a higher percentage of body fat. That this concept has to be defended and explained is BIZARRE — that shows how pernicious and pervasive our fucked-up standards of beauty are.

(If a woman wants to achieve a really low body fat, I’m not arguing with her choice. It’s her body, she can do as she pleases.)

*Of course, you should read it yourself. I’m not intending to put words into anyone’s mouth.

One of the reasons this really resonated with me is that it does touch on the idea of what a woman naturally looks like. Paleo/primal is about NATURAL lifestyle and health, and I’m not sure this generation has any idea of what un-enhanced female bodies look like! I remember one of the first paleo blogs I ran across had something about growing beards, how natural and paleo-y it was. And I remember cackling hysterically, because this is a society in which women remove nearly all the hair from their bodies. Is this naturally-occurring hairiness lifestyle going to be extended to women? Or are these guys going to freak out when they see an unshaved armpit or leg, or GOD FORBID pubic hair?

I often wonder if men have any idea what women do to themselves, if they have any concept of the hair products, the tanning, the waxing and shaving, lotions, polishes, powders, glosses, buffings, douches, bleachings, tweezings, scrubbings, layer upon layer of scented products, before they even get to the obvious cosmetics like eyeshadow or lipstick, or the accoutrements like earrings and high heels.

I suspect most men neither know nor care. I know there are exceptions, I know there are men who have a realistic idea of what women actually look like, and who find them attractive. But I think they are far in the minority. Thank goodness I’m married to a man who thinks pretty much every woman is beautiful. He said: “How could I not think they’re beautiful? They’re WOMEN.”

Bless his heart.

This girl is so funny I can’t stand it. Check out her other videos too.

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